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My husband took a 1 year assignment in Korea (South of course). With a one year old along for the ride, this year will definitely be an adventure. In an attempt to try to document all the craziness, I decided to start this blog to record all the memories we are making.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


A few weekends ago we visited Gyeongbokgung, the largest of the palaces built during the Joseon Dynasty. When we got off the subway, we were greeted by a group of middle school students offering free English tours of the palace.  We accepted and one of the boys took us on a two hour tour of the grounds.  We learned from him that they volunteer to earn hours for a service club that they are involved in.  It was a great way to get a personalized tour of the palace, and it was fun to listen to him try to explain some of the ancient cultures and traditions.  He would often end up saying, "I don't know why.  They just did."

In the subway below the palace

The royal changing of the guards ceremony

Gwanghwamun (The Main and South Gate) - Please excuse the fingers in the picture.

Heungnyemun (The Second Inner Gate)

Geunjeongjeon (The Throne Hall for the King)

Dan is doing the classic Korean picture pose.  A very nice man offered to take a picture of the 3 of us here.  He had a very fancy camera, so I assumed he knew what to do with our little one.  Apparently he didn't because there's no picture with me... =(

Some of the many royal thrones.  The first one is in the throne hall and is blurry because so many people are jostling to get a view.  You aren't allowed inside, so you have to shove your way to the doors and look in.

It was at about this time in the tour that we realized Remmer was creating quite a sensation.  While I was taking pictures of everything around us, the Koreans were all taking pictures of him.  I hadn't thought about it until then, but most of those people had probably never seen a Miguk (American) baby like him in person before.  We had several groups come up and ask if they could take a picture with him (Many more did it without asking.).  When we asked why they said, "Oh, beautiful baby!"  We should have started charging. 

Gyeonghoeru (Banquet Hall)

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  1. Looks beautiful and I hope Dan didn't scare too many guards :).

    BTW, Remmer looks a lot like his cousin Cruz in that picture.