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My husband took a 1 year assignment in Korea (South of course). With a one year old along for the ride, this year will definitely be an adventure. In an attempt to try to document all the craziness, I decided to start this blog to record all the memories we are making.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gangnam Style

Gangnam is an area in Seoul just south of the Han River.  The hotel we lived in before we found our apartment was in the center of Gangnam.  Now we are in the outskirts of that area in a more residential community.  Gangnam is one of the hubs for nightlife in the city and is also known as an area where image is everything; the brands you wear, the car you drive, the places you go, etc.  I'm explaining this because a new song has become all the rage here, and is now starting to gain traction in the US.  The video is hilarious and the song itself is very addictive.  Remmer loves it.  He'll stop whatever he's doing, run to the screen, and start bouncing around like the dancers in the video.  Koreans are now using "Gangnam style" as a catch phrase, and LG put out a new commercial changing the lyrics to "U+ Style."  It's becoming such a phenomenon that my tutor even felt the need to explain the song to me at our last session. And now, thanks to writing this post, it's perpetually playing in my head... Oppa Gangnam Style!

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