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My husband took a 1 year assignment in Korea (South of course). With a one year old along for the ride, this year will definitely be an adventure. In an attempt to try to document all the craziness, I decided to start this blog to record all the memories we are making.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Artnouveau Shitty

Saturday we went to Lotte's department store on a recommendation from the front desk.  The primary reason for the trip was to find Remmer a new toy.  Most of the toys that traveled with us on the trip were small and limited in play time.  Plus he's been playing with the same few toys now for over a month since getting here took so long.  While in the hotel, Remmer kept finding his own "toys" (remote control, ac remote, stroller, tablet, shoes, emergency button, hotel phone, washing machine...), and I needed a more substantial toy to distract him.  The Toys R Us had a pretty good selection of brands I recognized, but the prices were outrageous.  I know how much I paid for some of the toys I saw, and their prices were at least double.  I'm really glad I bought and shipped all of Remmer's Christmas presents before we left because he would definitely not be getting as many if we had to get them over here.  We ended up biting the bullet and spending double on a few distractions for him.  The Chicco Baby Space, a little remote control robot that lights up and moves around the room, is his favorite right now.  He carries the remote control with him all around the room and then squeals in delight when the robot starts to move.

After getting lost in the rest of the many floors at Lotte's and finally stumbling upon a supermarket with quite a bit of American products (a very pleasant surprise), we called for a cab to head back to the hotel.  On the ride back, we realized this driver knew a decent amount of English.  He started trying to teach us all the important landmarks we should know to communicate with taxi drivers and how to pronounce them the Korean way.  Our favorite was the lesson on how to pronounce the name of our hotel.  The driver would, with a very thick Korean accent, say, "Artnouveau City," and Dan would try to would mimic back, "Arnoueau Shitty?"

          "Artnouveau City."

          "Arnoueau Shitty?" 

          "Yes, Artnouveau City." 

          "Arnoueau Shitty?"  

          "Yes, Artnouveau City."  


          "Yes, City."  

Really?  Is our hotel that bad?


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