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My husband took a 1 year assignment in Korea (South of course). With a one year old along for the ride, this year will definitely be an adventure. In an attempt to try to document all the craziness, I decided to start this blog to record all the memories we are making.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pizza in Korea

Friday night we decided to try Dochi Pizza on a recommendation from one of Dan's coworkers.  The food was amazing!  Dan had had Korean pizza before which includes sweet potatoes in the sauce, but this was real authentic American (maybe even Italian) pizza.  We ordered the 4 cheese pizza since we were sharing with Remmer.  I expected a pretty standard cheese pizza, but what we got was gourmet.  The mixture of cheeses was incredible, and the crust was one of the best I've ever had.  We also got a mussels and pasta dish in a spicy red sauce (kind of like a cioppino).  It had a quite a kick to it, but we both really enjoyed it.  The only odd thing about the evening was the drink menu.  Dan tried to order a beer, and they said they didn't have any.  Then he tried to order wine, and again they said they didn't have any.  They listed a mojito on the menu,  so he then tried to order that, and again the guy shook his head and said, "No, no, no."  Dan ended up ordering a raspberry smoothie, and I ordered a San Pellegrino.  About a minute later, the guy came back with another type of sparkling mineral water saying, "No Pellegrino," and pointing to the bottle.  Of courses they didn't have Pellegrino either!  Dan saw a wine bar across the street and asked if he could buy something there and bring it over, but that didn't seem to be ok either.  We were both very confused because I had looked up reviews on the restaurant and had seen pictures that included wine glasses.  We became even more confused when a few minutes later that waiter came back with a glass of red wine for Dan.  We never really figured out what was going on, but we did enjoy the free glass of wine.  We will definitely go back here again, and maybe next time we'll be able to uncover the mystery behind the drink menu.

On a side note, it poured that night.  We had planned to take a cab home but had an incredibly difficult time finding one.  Dan bought an umbrella from Family Mart (like a Seven Eleven) and carried Remmer with him. I walked in the pouring rain.  I think the Koreans must have thought I was crazy, but the rain was warm, and we were on our way home, so I just went with it and enjoyed the experience.

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