Our Story

My husband took a 1 year assignment in Korea (South of course). With a one year old along for the ride, this year will definitely be an adventure. In an attempt to try to document all the craziness, I decided to start this blog to record all the memories we are making.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our Hotel

While we look for an apartment, we are staying in a long term stay hotel called Artnouveau City II.  The place is nice, but very cramped with an active one year old like Remmer.  There is a bedroom that is divided  from the rest of the area by sliding doors, a living space with a couch and tv, a very small kitchen even for Korean standards, and a bathroom with a shower but no tub.  The sink is too small for Remmer to take a bath in, so he has had to learn how to take a shower with us.  Actually, the first time he took a shower was when he walked into the bathroom to explore, grabbed the knob (luckily the cold one), and twisted.  Man was he surprised with what happened next! 

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